Sonhando com… Legoland!

I think everyone has been dreaming crazy about going to Disney sometime, right? I even feel like it, but it's a recent thing and also a smooth one, traveling to play in a fun park no matter how relaxing and incredible, it's not part of my reality and it's not a dream I've had since I was little .. I actually dreamed of going to Japan even hahahaha, so I'm already happy, I just want to go back, lol. But if you have a park that curiously always seemed wonderful to me is Legoland , the funfair of Lego.

Before you ask me: yes, I love everything about Lego since I was a kid and no, I've never been crazy about Disney, so that's why I want to know this park that a lot of people have not even heard of. I love The Beauty and the Beast, but Mindstorms robotic kits have made more of my life than this story, so that should be why I idealize Legoland more than Disney … Although after adulthood I'm starting to want to get to know Mickey personally too, mainly because I'm in a phase of wanting to overcome fears and I dread Hihihi roller coaster.

If you are looking for a radical park full of adrenaline, the Legoland will not please you, after all the attractions are focused on pleasing children especially. But if you are a Lego fan like I'm going to die for wanting to go there too, since it's a big park where everything is inspired by Lego. I am very passionate about thematic things, so the idea of knowing a park whole damn with a theme that I love makes me very excited!

Light round for photography

In all there are 6 Legolands around the world: Denmark, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Germany and two in the United States, one in California and one in Florida, 40 minutes from Orlando. As much as I was crazy to know Malaysia, if I could choose a Legoland to meet, I would definitely go to the Florida park! That's because on May 15 they will open a brand-new Lego themed hotel right outside the park gate. I was simply freaking out in the themed rooms:

I know it's kind of kid folks, but I was going to be so happy in that hotel hahahaha. I think I would need an extra day of travel just to enjoy every theme corner of it, I found the idea very funny. Not to mention all the incredible things that people staying there can enjoy, such as an incredible room reserved for children attached to their parents' room, treasure chests with Lego gifts (which you need to find out as it opens through secret clues), lift ballad (everyone says it's the maximum hahahaha) and many workshops that give tips on how to raze even more by setting up the little things. Of course that's just what they say, right? But anyone who has already stayed at the California hotel says it's a unique themed experience, every child's dream and the joy of many Lego addicted adults!

Halloween Backdrops for photography

Apesar do hotel só ficar pronto no dia 15 de maio, as reservas já começaram a ser feitas! A parte chata só fica no precinho, já que as diárias em cada quarto custam a partir de US$ 249,00 e os preços ainda variam de acordo com a temporada e com os dias de abertura do parque, então não é o tipo de hotel que dá pra se hospedar em uma viagem inteira à Orlando… Mas uns 2 ou 3 dias eu ainda acho que vale a pena pela experiência, principalmente se tiver crianças pequenas na viagem. Para saber mais sobre o novo Hotel Legoland clique aqui!

E vocês, já conhecem algum parque da Lego? Também adora coisas temáticas? Tem algum parque que você sonha em conhecer? Quero saber! Mil beijos e até amanhã <3

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