Como são feitos os biscoitos de coala?

If there is one thing that everyone who lives in the interior wants to buy when they come to São Paulo, they are the coffin-shaped cookies, the famous  Koara in the Māchi in Japan, which were released in the 80's but are so cute that they continue to win fans every day. days.For those who have easy access to the Liberdade district or have Japanese markets in the city, it has always been easy to buy this snack. I particularly love and hate it at the same time, because although it is beautiful and tasteful, it is not very healthy, I feel that there is a lot of fat in the filling, so I have to resist the temptation and it is always difficult … But I still think that everything world needs to try koala crackers sometime! The good news is that now it will be much easier for everyone, not just for those who live in the capitals: Bauduccobought the rights to sell Lotte's cookies here in Brazil! I had noticed that about 2 months ago they started to dump the shelves in the Japanese importers' markets, but last week I went to do some shopping in the market in front of the house and I faced the koalas again, but this time with a Brazilian label that we already know very well! Since I still have about 15 days without rest in my diet, I did not buy the coke to show you, but if someone wants to see the photos of the new box powered by Bauducco click here, because I found in a blog. On the internet, I still have not seen the koalas in Bauducco's portfolio, maybe they are planning something for the launch or they are doing those tests to feel the acceptance of the product, I honestly do not know, I'm kicking, rs. But since I saw in the tiny market of my street, I was more attentive and realized that the official stores of Bauducco that we have in the subway stations in São Paulo also already sell the snack, so I imagine that the trend is the product will spread soon outlets! I found the price great, in the market I usually attend, which is kind of affection, it costs $ 3.50, exactly the price I paid in Freedom. So far only seen the chocolate, but I know it also exists in the sweet potato flavors (I showed here!), green tea, pudding, melon, cappuccino, strawberry, Portuguese chestnut, pumpkin, milk and almonds. I doubt very much that Bauducco launches all of them, of course, after all, not even in Freedom did all this variety, but besides the fact that chocolate is one of the best, I think strawberry should not be long in coming here, after all these are the two flavors sold in the US and are the ones that usually succeed here as well.I honestly was very happy with the news, very much! I feel like a blessed person because I live in a city where I find all the food I like and there are always new options to try, so even though it's just a stuffed biscuit (very yummy, I do not think so), I think it's already a big step for those who live inside. I'm hoping that it will be a success, that it will turn out to be a great fever and that Bauducco will sell a lot, so maybe other companies will not be excited to bring other Asian products so incredible and desired by us Brazilians who love Nihon!The cool thing is that in the middle of all my research of the biscuit-magya, I ended up finding an incredible video that shows how it is made! From a very young age I am addicted to researching how the factories of things I like and I am always watching videos like this, but this one was very special because I was always curious to know how their format is so perfect and cooooooo hahahaha. I honestly do not know if Bauducco intends to produce the Koala Marchs here in Brazil or if it will matter, but you can see that the manufacturing process is very complex: Too much, eh? I hope you have enjoyed the novelty and I want to know: have you ever tasted the koala biscuit? What's your favorite flavor? Mine is melon, I can remember the taste like I'm eating now, hmmm hahahaha. A thousand kisses and see you tomorrow <3

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